How to recover important files in a WD My Passport [Locked]

I have accidentally dropped my WD My Passport 1 TB External Hard Drive. And now I can’t access it on my computer and it asks for my password. The sad thing is that I can’t access my drive because the password is wrong. I don’t really know what happen, My password for this drive was my facebook password 2+ years ago and I don’t really stick this in another computers. I let my computer auto unlock this external drive and now this happens to me. There should be a system wherein we identify the name of the file inside or any files inside so that we can access our drive. Any ideas WD Community on how I can recover my personal files. Those were important.

Nope… if you can’t remember your password, it’s all over.

And when I try to format it it says WD External drive format failed and the Last usb device you used malfunctioned.

Well, I do remember my password and still it won’t accept my correct password. I used to be able to unlock my WD Password 2TB on my Windows 7 laptop (1TB), but not on my HP 250GB windows 10. Now I can’t access with my correct password on either laptop. Why?


In some cases if you have registered an email on more advanced models of these passports, then you can go to the website for WD and get it reset.

Unfortunately for the safety of your own files you cannot get into the drive again without the password to access the files. One would need to wipe the drive completely for it to be useable again. This is for the best. Certainly you would not want anybody to be able to get their hands on your data by resetting such a password without your permission.

I believe Western Digital has a small disclaimer in the passport manual as a warning that forgetting the password will leave the drive locked up and unavailable for use. This being said, I am sorry if this is a frustrating experience for you. I hope the best!
OR you need a password recovery tool, choose amongst the list:

  1. HDD Unlock Wizard
  2. Victoria HDD
  3. Ultimate Boot CD

This might help you.

Thanks for your reply but it doesn’t help at all. I don’t wish to wipe my data on my 2TB passport. The warning doesn’t help because I knew the password. I used the same password every time I needed to add more information. Should I have known I would have saved the same information in two difference disks 1TB each. I am very disappointed. Can I retrieve the data if a professional open the case?

Possibly … but for professional data recovery of a password encrypted drive will cost you MegaBucks

Hope you have a Deep Wallet if they are successful.

So why WD passport doesn’t recognize my correct password? I created and used the same password for a few years now on my Dell Windows 7 laptop, although I was able to unlock the 2TB hard drive on my HP laptop, but I wasn’t able to see the data because there is not much room on my HP laptop. However, I was always able to unlock and see the data on my Dell windows 7 no failed until about 2 months ago when it stopped recognizing my same password. What’s wrong with that device? If I had known I wouldn’t be able to trust this hard drive after a few years, I would have made an extra copy on another external hard drive just in case. Now it’s too late.