Old My Passport locked. Help!

So I recently I found an old My Passport (WDBBEP0010BBL) that I had lost during moving years ago. Its password protected and I still remember the password. I couldn’t find the installation disc for it anymore, so every computer I plugged it in does not show the password window for me to unlock. I had installed the My Passport WD Drive Utilities and WD Security from the WD website, however only the WD Drive Utilities program can detect My Passport and shows that I have used up all 5 password attempts and is giving me an option to format the drive. WD Security does not even detect the My Passport and only shows “Attach a supported WD drive” message.

So all in all, I just want to find a way to get to the password unlocker window and try to unlock it again, since I still remember the password and I want to get my files back. I can clarify further if my message is unclear. Please help, and thank you.

It’s all here:


I downloaded all those apps and installed them all properly, but sadly the problem still persists. I appreciate the help though.

Unfortunately there are many people with the same problem. Just search for “WD Security” and you’ll see. Could be something related to the operating system.
Try this:

and try installing the utilities in another pc too