How to remove password protection from My Passport

I would appreciate if someone can guide me thru the process of removing the password protection I have created when I first bought the WD My Passport.
I know the password and I can unlock it whenever I want, but I wish to remove that option completely and have the device open freely.

Thanks a lot!!


If you install the WD security, on the software you will be able to see an option to remove the security, once you put the password you will see this option on the program.

Hope this helps.

Thanks for your feedback!

Could you please advise where can I find the WD security installation?
Is it a generic software or specific for the device I’ve got (Portable wired My Passport)?


Sure, check this link and on the list of applications, you should be able to see WD security:

Found it and got the password removed!

Thanks a lot for your help!!