LOcal Area Network Files

Updated WD Discovery and now I can no longer see the files on Local Area Network of MY Cloud Home. Does anyone have any ideas

You could try to acces your files by IP adres.

  1. Open CMD and run command “arp -a” Search for your My Cloud home IP adres by looking up your the MY Cloud home mac adres. It will most likely be some sort of 192.168.X.XX adres
  2. Open start and search for \192.168.X.XX\Public (where you of course type the device IP adres instead of the X)
    In most cases your file explorer will open now and you will see the public files. Note: Searching in your file explorer does not work in most cases. It really has to be the start search functionality.

Thank you but that does not work it is not seeing the drive as a NAS drive. I have followed all the help instructions on the website. I know the files are there because Sonos can see them. This all started when I upgraded WD Discovery.

Thanks I have sorted it now.