Light keeps going from blue to yellow

I keep losing connection on my WD cloud device and shows yellow on the power indicator. Why does this keep happening?

More information is needed. Are any other network devices loosing network connection at the same time as the My cloud? Is your broadband provider AT&T?

If using AT&T broadband service several people have recently reported problems with the My Cloud not working with the AT&T supplied router/gateway. The solution was to put a switch or hub in between the My Cloud and the AT&T supplied router/gateway.

I have optimum. There is nothing else that is losing connections. My computer is hard wires to my wireless router and gets connection.

If you can SSH into the MC you can “cd /var/log” and “grep eht0 *.log”
If the netwok is going not ready you should see error message in a log file
most likely daemon.log.

PS can you ping your MC?

Should I get a Net gear switch? Reason i ask is because I have my WD My
Cloud hooked right into my Netgear Wireless router

Have a good day
Kevin Reith