Keeps losing connection

I keep losing connection to my WD My Cloud device. I have windows 10 Netgear Nighthawk wireless router. I keep having to unpluging the device and plug back in. The light shows Yellow. Should I RMA for a replacement or forget about it?

The light is yellow BLINKING or yellow SOLID? Either way, Yellow is an abnormal condition – but whether it’s blinking or solid means two different things.

Do you know what yellow means? Are you looking in the back or front?
Check manual to find out what different colors mean as well as LEDs on back or front.

The LED in front of machine is yellow meaning no connection. The Blue light means connection established. What is causing the constant lost on connection. Tiring of unplugging and plugging in the device to get network connection back.

Do you have a spare router you can try to test on?
Is the My Cloud configured for a Static IP or DHCP?
Have you tried replacing the network cable?
Have you tried using one of the other networking ports on the back of the router?
Some have reported having to put a switch or hub in between the router and the My Cloud (primarily AT&T Uverse users).

I will reboot the Cloud device AGAIN and check those settings. Also should I have a specific port for my device to be dedicated to? How would I designate a port only for my cloud device on my netgear wireless router within the settings?

I was talking about the networking port on the back of the router. Most routers have four networking ports. Try a different one. Sometimes a router’s networking port can go bad or behave erratically.

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