My Cloud Connection Problem (Yellow Light)

First sorry for my bad english,

Yesterday i bought a My cloud device than today i tried it to connect to my network.

I set up everything correctly watched this video and read user guide but couldnt figure out my problem. I tried to reset my modem and its just went blue for 2 sec and returns yellow again. I have 2 cables so im sure my cables is working. And i tried to connect my computer with that cables its working. My modem is Airties 5442. I hope you can help me. Thanks

Hi there and welcome to the WD community.

I would like to know if you get a blinking yellow light on the unit? If this is happening the unit might not be getting an IP address assigned.

Yes it is, how can i make the unit get ip adress?


I would recommend resetting the unit, you can check this link and follow the instructions on how to reset your device: