Yellow flashing light for hours

Just received the My Cloud drive today. Been hours. Have checked all connection, reset, etc. Starts out white steady light, then flashes yellow forever, Have restarted the Uverse modem/router. WD software does not find the drive and it is not seen in my computer. On WIN 10 all up to date, running McAfee Total protection. I read in another posting here some guy saying can take weeks to stop flashing yellow and finally work. What on earth is that all about. If can’t get to work will request an RMA tomorrow. Not going to spend my life trying to get a plug and play thing working.

Are one or both network LED’s lit on the NIC (network) port on the back of the My Cloud? Is the My Cloud connected via Ethernet cable to a router/gateway?

Have you tried a 4 second Reset? Or even a 40 second System Restore?

Take a look at this video, it may help you. Be sure to look at the tab My Cloud │ How it Works.

Have you visited the Learning Center?

Take a look at the User Manual.


If both above answers have not provided a solution for you yet, see if you have an old router/modem lying around somewhere.

Connect the MyCloud and your PC to the modem, but no internet to the modem.
This should create a somewhat direct connection between devices, see if it turns blue like that.
It is what I usually do when I have connection problems myself. That way, if led turns blue you can at least get into the dashboard with your pc, perhaps make change some settings, maybe setup a static IP corresponding to your actual network (the one with internet). Although that last bit might not be the smartest idea right away…

Then after verifying if it turns blue with a direct connection (mycloud->modem->pc), you can put it back onto your regular network…
Also, while the light is flashing yellow, does it at all show up in your network?