Flashing Yellow Light, No Troubleshooting Has Worked


I am having an issue with connecting to My Cloud. I moved to a new house, and am now getting CenturyLink fiber with a with C300Z router, and ever since making the switch, I have been unable to access my device or any of it’s settings. When I plug in the drive to an ethernet cable and plug the power in, I get a flashing yellow light.

Here is the current troubleshooting so far.

  • 4 second reset and 40 second reset, neither one seem to work
  • Plugged My Cloud directly into the modem
  • Can’t access https://wdmycloud.local/ so can’t change IP
  • My Cloud is cool, not overheating

I believe the IP needs to be changed, but how do I change the IP if I can’t do a reset or access it through https://wdmycloud.local/?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance.

Verify or ask the modem for the local IP of the NAS and then attach via that IP?

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As a troubleshooting step try connecting the My Cloud to a network switch, and connect that switch to the broadband/ISP router. In certain rare cases there is a conflict between certain broadband/ISP routers and the My Cloud.

My Cloud is not recognized when connected to AT&T Uverse, Pace, Arris, Ubee or Sonic Gateway Routers

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Thank you for the suggestions, I ordered a network switch to see if that solves the issue with the router.

Thanks again!