Latest firmware update has crippled Time Machine

Rather than use my portable WD USB external HD for my Time Machine backups I thought I would give MBL another chance to do a TM backup following My Book Live Firmware Version 02.11.12-060 (6/26/12) upgrade.  Well if I thought MBL and TM didn’t play well together before then all I can say now is OMG - truly dreadful now.  It has as I write this post taken some 35 minutes to backup 135mb out of 450mb.  What on earth is going on?  I can only assume you guys just use your customers to beta test the upgrades.  Soon as it finishes (if it ever does) then I’m back to the USB for TM.

Just finished backup mentioned in previous post 1hr 02 minutes - this has to be some sort of a joke guys?

P.S. I should have mentioned that when I switched back to the external USB HD the exact same TM backup took just over 14 seconds.  In most other respects MBL now works OK but for Ethernet wired TM backups - forget it.

Following on from my earlier posts regarding the new firmware update, any attempts to backup to the MBL Time Machine share has got worse with each attempt.  Finally last night after an agonising twenty minutes of “preparing backup” the backup finally started (slowly) then completed.  However, the iMac then flashed up a message to the effect the backup couldn’t be relied upon and basically it would be better if I deleted the backups and started again.

I did this without hesitation as I realised after the agonies of the last few days that things weren’t likely to improve.  Following a fresh start the backup process now appears OK - though the MBL isn’t sleeping readily again.

I can only assume from these events that the latest version of Netatalk isn’t wholly compatible with the previous version.