Experiencing problems with MBL and Time Machine

Hello there folks,

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I have recently purchased a 2TB MBL which I am using with a mid-2011 i5 iMac.  Just as the sales pitch describes the MBL was a breeze to set up.  However, usage has been a bit more problematic.  Setting up shares and accessing them works fine, the apps for my iPad also works ok as does remote access.  The real issue though is Time Machine backups.  The initial backup was a breeze, around 170 gig in just under 8 hours.  Subsequent backups however have been more problematic. Sometimes the backups work just fine then other times TM slows to a crawl e.g. 150mb backup taking well over an hour.  The backup then carries on and a quick check will show maybe 197.5 of 197.5 yet TM still doesn’t quit.  I use Goodsync with this setup and I have noticed that when TM is playing up Goodsync reports that the volume on the right doesn’t exist - that is the MBL side of Goodsync.  I then end up forcing TM to quit.  However, once I have done that TM and MBL won’t play properly at all, and twice now I have ended up deleting TM backups completley and I have had to start again.

I’m hoping some of you can offer a solution?  Sadly, if not then I’m reluctantly going to have to return this product as it can’t be relied upon.  I am using the latest firmware.  I also use Parallels on the iMac and have Windows 7 as a VM.

There have been a few people on here with TM problems.

What Mac OS are you running on?

If it is the 10.7.4 there might be an issue. I believe that Apple updated their TM protocol, and if I had to guess WD is having to work up a patch.

This has happened before when Lion first came out as well.

Yes I have seen more than a few posts regarding issues with TM - annoying really as it’s always worked perfectly on my standard external USB HD.   I am on the latest Lion update of 10.7.4 as you rightly guessed, I should also have said previously I am connected via Ethernet.  

One other observation I have made - MBL rarely sleeps if the iMac is in sleep mode, or if it does it’s only for a matter of seconds.  It does go into energy saving mode if I shut the Mac down completely.  On the rare occasions I have seen MBL go to sleep for a longer period of time when the iMac was also using sleep is when the problems appear to occur with MBL and TM. Whether this is coincidence or not I couldn’t say but it is funny nonetheless.