MBL with Time Machine - what do others think?

Two issues - 

(1) Am I the only person that thinks putting your backups on the drive you’ve also got your data on is a mistake?

(2) You can backup your Mac to MBL using Time Machine but I don’t consider this option to be very reliable. Can’t comment on the Windows side of things.

When I was using MBL for my TM backups the MBL was all over the place, it would rarely sleep, the green light was flashing constantly and the TM backups were to say the least very erratic.  Sometimes they would race away then suddenly grind to a halt, sometimes they would start off slow then speed up, then other times they would crawl for ages then hang.

Now I have started using a small portable USB HD for TM backups it’s a whole different world.  TM backups are quick smooth and flawless and MBL is  working like I envisaged it would.  It sleeps without incident and doesn’t wake up unless accessed by me or another user.

It could be that with further firmware updates TM may work better with MBL, though unless you have the Duo there’s still the question of should you be using the drive for backups and data storage. 

BTW OS is Lion fully up to date and MBL has latest firmware.

I’ve had my MBL for 3 months now using time machine with my macbook pro. I have had absolutely no problems with it. However I do not have time machine set to auto backup. I do a backup once per week wirelessly. Sometimes it takes up to an hour, other times 15 minutes or less. My MBL sleeps fine when no one is accessing it.

If you are doing auto backups Time Machine will access the drive every hour.

I had mine set to once a day via Ethernet , still nothing but trouble. However that doesn’t answer the question of should you be backing up to the drive where you’re storing your data? I think the answer should be an emphatic NO. Using it as you are it isn’t really a permanently connected device which I think makes a difference too.

How did you got this working? I have problem with Time Machine that doesnt see my mounted drive…