Time machine


i am trying to use my 3tb MBL to do backup from my imac via Time Machine.

Its going to take up about 2tb but after 2 attempts everything on the mac is painfully slow and the backup just doesnt seem to be happening. 

I am connected to my Sky router via ethernet 

is this normal?


What version of the Mac OS do you have and do you get any error messages when you try to start the backup?

I know exactly where you are coming from with this issue.  I’m with the same ISP so have same router or similar - Netgear.  Transfer rates on my Mac with ML are 10mbps max using Ethernet.  So slow when compared to USB2, a real joke - bad one.

thanks for the reply

i began my time machine backup again on thursday. Its a 2.6TB backup. its still going. except it feels like its just stuck . Is there anyone who can help with this as its rendering the MyBook useless and leaving me without a backup.

I am used to manually backing up big audio drives using firewire and never had a situation so complicated