Sluggish Time Machine backup with outages

Hi, I use the MyBook Live 2TB as NAS for my Time Machine backups for a MBA with Snow Leopard and a iMac with Lion. The latter one only worked after upgrading the MyBook firmware to 02.10.09-124. so far so good, but with both Macs I noticed right from the start, that the MyBook takes minutes even just  to write some megabytes. While writing one can hear endless busy scrubbing of the drive.

And eventually, after some days or weeks the regular Time Machine backup returns with an error, reporting that verification of the backup failed, and a new initial backup has to be created.

After several attempts, a sucessfull full self test of the MyBook Live and replacement of network components progress, I have also reset the drive to factory settings.

After this, my first initial Time Machine backup (130 GB) is extremely slow: It started with reasonable speed, but slows down step by step. After 24 hours it has reached not more than half the way, and writes something like 10 MB in one hour. Still the drive is endlessly working, giving the typical noise of moving heads, as if under extreme load. What the heck is it doing all the time??

Anybody out there with similar problems, with further hints or a solution? TIA Richard

Hi there, what router do you use? And what if you disable all other services on the MBL just for testing and also using the diagnostics feature to check drive health?

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Maybe I should add, that I made the latest test of an initial Time Machine backup right after reinitializing the MBL to factory settings, with no changes made after this.

I also made a throughput test afterwards, just copying bare files, 40 GB in total to the disk This took approx. 90 minutes which I see as acceptable with a 100MBit router (Freeport W701V). And it went through with constant speed.