Problem with time machine and MBL


Just purchased a new imac on which I have installed MBL and connected to Time Machine.

First backup attemps were very slow, so I restarted several times and finally had my Mac fully backuped.

Since that time, Time Machine succeeded in backuping my mac on a daily basis for 2 weeks, I was happy.

Since now 2 days, when it starts backuping my mac, it always stalls after few megabytes, I tried to let it work all night long and was still at the same amount of data transfered.

I restarted several times, rebooted, none of these operations were succesfull, so I am now facing a big problem that I don’t know how to solve.

Has anyone already experienced such a problem ? If yes, what would you recommend to solve it  ?

THAnks for your help,



Make sure that you have the latest version for the software and try to reinstall that again.