My wireless TimeMachine backup experience...a positive one!

felt like i should share my experience…im not sure if what i did has anything at all with getting it to work properly or if i got lucky…

ok so ive had my MyBookLIve since Christmas and only backed up once because it took forever, i have other backup on reg external hd…so i figured i should put this thing to use and i had two long days of work where i could back up if it took that long

so i had 80 additional gigs to backup…first time back up got to 14 or so gigs overnight, about 8 hours, came home and it failed at some point…being frustrated i figured i try the Wireless method in the sticky…that was even worse! like a 4gigs in 8 hours…i cancelled it and was about to update firmware until i read that thread warning not to

i then disconnected the new share that the sticky created and rebooted the MyBookLIve to try it again…low and behold, speeds were blazing! over 4gigs in around 30 min

came home from work today and it was done and was consistently backing up every hour!

now i dont know if i just got lucky or if creating that share and then deleting triggered something because i cant see a reboot fixing the problem because it was slow as **bleep** when i first got it and im pretty sure i rebooted it then

maybe people who are having issues can try the steps in the sticky and then do what i did if they are still having problems


wow ok so apparently doing what i did fixed every issue i ever had! on mac and never could get public share music to appear in intunes and now it does!