Last firmware upgrade?

I have a DL4100 and a PR4100. Both are on firmware 2.31.204. Both want me to upgrade to 2.41.116 firmware.

For the first time, I am reluctant to do so. I wonder if this new firmware has anything to do with so many DL4100s dying. Since both of my machines are running fine and I have my DL4100 routinely backing up my data to my PR4100, I think I’ll just stay on 2.31.204.

I note that WD doesn’t even sell a DL4100 anymore but they do still sell EX4100s and PR4100s. I wonder why that is? Was there always something inherently wrong with the DL4100 motherboard/logic board?

My own DL4100 has been running (without issue) since March of 2016 (…knocks on wood…) and I hope she continues to do so for many more years. Since mine is not exposed to the internet, I’ll just stay at 2.31.204.

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So, it looks like Western Digital’s response was just a “Let’s just hope and pray that not many DL 4100s die before their warranty expires. Once it does, the hapless customers will just have to buy another NAS from us to get their data.

So, once my DL 4100 dies, I’ll already have my data on my PR4100. However, I will NOT be buying another EX4100 or PR4100 to back up that data. Nope, I’ll just transfer it all to a Synology or Qnap device. Western Digital should just stick to hard drives. (Oops! I almost forgot about that SMR/CMR thing on their “NAS” drives.)