Is it possible to install new firmware without Dashboard?

On the 15 of September My Cloud DL 4100 stopped working. The possessor, and the fan still runs, and the on, off button flashes blue light (blinking) and the Led panel (screen) is blue without any letters (txt) Tried to connect local IP from pc as usual to reach the dashboard without any luck. The network can’t find My Cloud, like there is no signal, or it is not sending out any.
I followed the procedure given by WD page -How to Reset a My Cloud DL4100 Device- with all four hard drives in, then after without hard drives, but no luck, it’s just like the firmware is gone or corrupted. I’ve tried to “Ping” sent 5 packages, got 0 back.
When there is probable no option to reboot WD system without dashboard working correct. My question Is now as follows: is there any way to install new firmware to the unit, it makes no sense to have to purchase new unit every 3 to 4 years. Hope that some WD technician can give my answers to resolve my problem. I’m stuck here.

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Did You get any help? I am stuck here with the same problem.