My DL4100 Died Too... Alternative?

DL4100 not booting. Blink blue light, no code.

Spent about an hour in chat and told to wait 7 days… System in wait state. They pointed me to the KB reference, However, it states that I should have a code along with it. Support had me do a lot of remedial revisions to my computer. Hello? Nothing I do to my computer is going to boot the unit. 7 days, couldn’t you just ask if I could swap out the drives with new and see if it boots. That’s what I did, and got the same.

With the 712K individuals filing for unemployment, they could find a decent support person. Either train better or pay more. Sorry I digress.

My questions is, what current WD MyCloud unit will accept my DL4100 drive so that I can get the information off of them? Thanks in advance.


my DL4100 died too, sudden death. can’t boot up anymore. it blinks blue, the dashboard blank. it turns on and restart every few minutes for ever. swapping drives doesn’t do it. it seems its the motherboard. can the motherboard be replaced?

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My DL2100 has also suddenly died.
It is very strange that all those DL models all break one after the other.
You would think that a firmware has been sent out to do this.
I have contacted WD about this and have received a response that they are no longer providing support for this series.
Repairs are also not accepted.
The only solution is to buy a new device, says WD.
I don’t think about it, I’m done with WD.
Such an expensive device that only lasts a few years and for which no support is given afterwards.


It happened to me after the last firmware upgrade. I remember clicking that update button and the device has never worked since. I am certain it is not a damaged part, it has to be junk firmware.
This might help although I haven’t had any luck yet.

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