Large files keep failing (from iPhone and via FTP)

I just got my WD Wireless Passport Pro, and and not having success with large files.

First (major) Problem:

I have multiple 20 minute videos on my iPhone 6s (1080p). Each is about 4GB in size.

Copying from the phone to the drive over WiFi requires that the phone doesn’t go to sleep, which is a problem as I need to keep my auto-lock set for 5 mins or less (corporate IT policy installed on the iPhone that I can’t change).

Secondary problem:

If I’m eventually abe to get the files on the device, I want to be able to read the files via FTP. It seems the FTP server keeps dying when trying to read the file somewhere after 2-3GB have been transferred.

Anyone have any suggestions?


With regards to the first issue, there’s not much that can’t be done if the phone is set to auto-lock. The larger the file, the longer it will take to be transferred over. It’s a race against time.

As for the second issue, it may be related to the first one since auto-lock can affect an FTP tunnel. This can be confirmed by transferring 2-3GB files from a computer using FTP.

Good point on the FTP to a computer - I should have been more clear. Even FTP to a computer fails on large file - I’ve tried both FileZilla and coreftp on windows 7.

As for sleep time on the iPhone. I wonder how gps apps (and even Pokémon go) disable sleep on the phone? If WD gave that as an app option that’d be great.

Also, since the Passport Woreless Pro has a USB port to read from (and supposedly will auto copy from SD or USB, why doesn’t it just read the files over the lightning/USB cord directly? The Passport pro runs Linux and there are iPhone USB drivers for Linux… is