Large file copies from phone to Wireless Pro fail

I’m having an issue getting files from my Sony Xperia Z3 onto my Passport Pro using the MyCloud App.

I want to copy a movie file taken on the phone. The file is just over a gigabyte. I select the file in the MyCloud app and select copy. I then go to the destination folder on the Wireless Pro and tap the paste icon. A small “Selected Files” dialog then comes up with the filename listed. Then nothing seems to happen. It just sits there with this dialog box up. No progress indicated and then finally it all seems to give up and the file is not copied.

I am directly connecting via a solid 5GHz connection to the WirelessPro hotspot running the latest firmware. The Z3 is running Android 6.0.1 and the latest MyCloud app.

Any suggestions as to why this is not working? This is not an unreasonable use case. If I cannot copy camera movie files off my phone, then this is a major issue for me.


Hi, instead of copying the information, why don’t you try the upload option?


Thanks for you reply :slight_smile: How do I access the upload function on the Android app for a specific file?

Many thanks.