LAN speed test

Can anyone help me here please.
I am after a test of read write from mycloud WD 2 TB over LAN to an iPad Pro (please state which iPad)
Thank you

Ps basing this information on this link

Looks like 12 megs at best.

How is your IPad Pro connected to the network? Using WiFi or using an Ethernet connection?

If using WiFi that will generally not give you a true speed of your LAN (local area network). The best way to get true LAN speed to/from the My Cloud is to use 1GB wired Ethernet hardware between the My Cloud, router and client computer/device. What testing network speed between a My Cloud and WiFi device will give you is the speed of your WiFi connection which is constrained by the WiFi hardware capabilities of both the iPad Pro’s WiFi hardware and WiFi of the router or access point. If the WiFi router/access point network port isn’t Gigabit capable that too will limit/impact the transfer speed to the Gigabit networking port on the My Cloud.

Hi Bennor, yes very aware of what you say all very crystal clear. Your need to perform this task with the kit to give my answers. “mycloud WD 2 TB over LAN with iPad Pro”

Please do not refer to Ethernet cables routers etc as I am aware of this information…

See link etc above maybe I post a screen shot as it appear WD over wifi with super duper sonic router etc hits a Micky mouse speed of like usb 1.

Just putting out their dude maybe someone else has some newer data re LAN over wifi only speed tests, new ideas etc …

As I am reading hearing 1 gig per second say hardwired LAN on wifi etc, please see screen shot max could be 12 megs no way on LAN over wifi.

So just so we all reading the same page.

Test is to be on

  1. LAN only

  2. Over wifi (no cables )
    Speed test transfer say 1 gig read and write use a stop watch good enough for me.

  3. WD my cloud 2 TB drive.

I tested using pc desktop , Mac laptop and iPad.

Results are super slow as per the screen grab.

While I don’t have an iPad, here are some general real world examples.
Router: Asus AC1900 (AC68U) with Gigabit wired networking ports
Windows 10 Desktop PC: 1GB wired network adapter on motherboard
Windows 10 Laptop PC: USB 2.0 AC1200 WiFi network adapter (on the 5ghz band)
My Cloud: first gen v4.x My Cloud with user replaced 8TB WD Red drive
Speed test program: Crystal Disk Mark

When it comes to WiFi AC one needs to also know what the specification is for the router and the WiFi device. Is it; AC1200, AC1750, AC1900, AC2200, AC3000 etc. Obviously the slower of the two WiFi end points will limit the overall speed.

Desktop PC:

Laptop PC:

As the Laptop PC example shows the read/write speed is above what the WD chart shows. We don’t know what the AC spec speed was that WD used.

The end result when discussing WiFi speed is one needs to know the hardware specs of the various WiFi clients/router devices when trying to compare one person’s speed test to another. Otherwise it’s an apples to oranges comparison.

Thank you for the info Bennor,

I tried laptop with crystal disk over LAN to mycloud 2 TB
I choose 1 TB, 6.5 hrs later it was still read writing so gave up at that point.

Which WD wifi drive if any do you currently have ?
Perhaps you can run a simple test wifi over LAN to anything of your choosing and let me know some speeds please ?

Looking at the WD chart if I directly hard wire I be lucky to gain 60 megs, fire wire faster and old.
So thinking out loud a new fast router over wifi with the best fastest pc/ Mac I not get anything more than 12 megs transfer.

However maybe someone on forum here says I have wifi transfer over LAN at read …

WD WiFi drive? Not sure what that is. Don’t have one. Only have a first gen single drive WD My Cloud. The My Cloud is directly connected to an Asus AC1900 router.

WD is the same as yours Bennor WD my cloud

Can you do a speed test with LAN on your wifi please.

State which pc / Mac IOS etc you using maybe use crystal disk mark and post some results here please

In my post above I indicated which device was on wired LAN (the desktop PC) and which device (the laptop PC) was on WiFi. As the screen capture above shows the read/write speed from the laptop PC over WiFi to the Asus AC1900 router then over 1GB LAN to the My Cloud. That speed is approximately 28 MB/s for the read speed and approximately 26 MB/s for the write speed to the My Cloud.

When dealing with trying to figure out slow WiFi transfer speeds one needs to first look at the capabilities of the WiFi router or WiFi access point. What is the make/model of that device? What is it’s WiFi specifications? Is it WiFi AC capable? If so at what speed? If one is using a WiFi access point (or WiFi extender) then how is that device connected to the main router the My Cloud is connected to? When using a WiFi access point or WiFi extender it is possible there is a bottleneck for the speed between the access point/extender and the main router. Then one needs to look at the connection from the My Cloud to the router. Is the router Gigabit capable? If not then that will be one bottle neck for transfer speed. Finally one needs to look at the capabilities of the WiFi client device. In your case an iPad Pro. What are the WiFi specifications for the iPad Pro? How is it connecting to the WiFi network, using WiFi G, WiFi N, or WiFi AC?

Lastly there is the issue of the My Cloud itself that may cause a speed bottle neck. If one is attempting to do a speed test and is selecting the Share that is a USB hard drive attached to the My Cloud USB port. Then it’s possible the USB port on the My Cloud may be the speed bottleneck. The My Cloud USB port speed is a common complaint in past discussions in this subforum.

Hi Bennor,

No I read your post, hard wired desktop and lap top and no wifi specs in the above posts.

I am only interested in LAN over wifi, better not to even write anything re hardwired, as I am easily confused :slight_smile:

In your read write to the your my cloud 2 TB test using a laptop the speeds are still rather slow for a LAN.

Also I have re read, it kind of says you added something to your laptop ?

“Windows 10 Laptop PC: USB 2.0 AC1200 WiFi network adapter”

Is this the case an adapter card etc to USB ? just asking as I not be doing anything like this.

Yes everything you say mention re router cables etc I fully understand this.

My areas I wish to increase in knowledge are how fast is it possible to get the LAN over wifi.

So thank you as it appears 28 megs both ways on your laptop, using maybe a special card something in a USB 2 port.?

Is it normal to have such a slow read write in LAN as I had read in areas of 1 Gigs a second wired and then thought 100 megs over LAN using wifi (thats no cables ) would be easy obtained.

When using a WD my cloud 2TB

However your just getting a tiny low speeds around 28 megs which is actual slower than old tech fire wire.

So if I was to go out buy the fastest possible router this could be in easy 600 dollars and plug this into the WD my cloud.

I probably maybe using a tablet at best reach 28 megs read write do you think ?

Aim was to achieve min LAN on wifi 100 megs read write or more with the WD my cloud 2TB.

ps thank you for your efforts and advise so far.
it helps

@anon59787009 The below image is from my desktop computer over wifi, (5GHz band) from my WD My Cloud 4TB, 1st generation. My desktop is located below my router in my home office.


My router is a Linksys AC5000 MU-MIMO (Model EA9500) Gigabit Router.

Now were cooking thank you Cat, for making the test.
So LAN over wifi speed test is basically very slow and I probably not get anywhere near my 100 megs.

So quick question to anyone with the knowledge, why can I down load quicker using WAN than I can using LAN over wifi.

Both are using wifi so no cables to router on laptop desk top or tablet, yet LAN is way slower any ideas ?

Where is the bottle neck in your set up Cat ? your router not cheap so were say above the average.

If you have time can you plug WD my cloud into the actual computer and test please, I predicting the WD max speeds are around the 80 megs mark.

thank you for the data very useful

What do you think “LAN over WiFi” is specifically? Describe exactly what you think it is as I think there is, as it appears there might be a miscommunication between what you are looking for and what I’ve been trying to explain in my replies. What speed do you think you should be achieving to/from your iPad Pro?

It might help if you post the make/model of the WiFi router/access point the iPad is connecting to. Is your My Cloud connected to that same WiFi router>

Yes it is a USB WiFi adapter that I use to upgrade the WiFi capabilities of that laptop. That laptop came (out of the box) with older WiFi 802.11b/g/n built in.

As another data point. From my Android smartphone (Moto G5 Plus). A speed test between the phone (on 5 ghz WiFi) and the My Cloud (connected to the Asus AC1900 WiFi router). The phone has the slower WiFi N not the faster WiFi AC. As the screen capture shows I get roughly 5.5 MB/s down and 4.8 MB/s up.

So using WiFi AC is generally much faster than using WiFi N when transferring files to/from the My Cloud.

The following link indicates I should be able to hit a theoretical maximum rate of 108 MB/s on AC1200 client to a AC1900 router. As is apparent I get nowhere near that rate for a number of reasons. First of which probably is due to using a USB 2.0 WiFi AC1200 nano adapter. Probably should look into the router settings to see if anything can be done to boost the speed (like changing from 40MHz to 80MHz) In general one never see’s the top (marketing) advertised speed/transfer rating that manufacturers specify for their hardware.

Thanks for the link Bennor will have in a in a moment.

I look into the hardware here also, both out of date.

Mac book pro and iPad pro.

I think the choice now is decide how much to spend on which router to gain some increase in speed over wifi to and from the WD my cloud.

Good chatting with you guys, thank you

What are you using to test your download speed? Post screen shots of both the lan speed and wan speed. Detail your network setup including hardware make/model and how the devices are connected to each other (using 10/100 or 10/100/1000 networking, or using WiFi N, WiFi G or WiFi AC, etc). What is your broadband/wan speed? Have you run a wan speed test like What were the results?

There are a large number of factors (mostly hardware) that can impact one’s network speed including why downloading from the wan might be faster than the lan. Size and amount of files also impacts the results.

Your laugh but this is what we have, copper cable cannot be upgraded ( I am looking at increasing LAN only)

WAN max is 20 megs download if we sell up and move I can increase speed.

Router the one that came with the package 2.4 ghz max 100 gigabit

Saying that if I can download at 20 megs over WAN I hoped to have something near that even with a 100 gigabit router and not average 3/7 megs thats too slow :slight_smile:

So re cap I could change provider however this would not increase speeds location location dictates the speeds.

Router I can change to anything just need the correct one for the job.

So am I thinking the router you both have is the answer to a big jump in speeds over LAN

Linksys AC5000 MU-MIMO (Model EA9500) Gigabit Router appears to have the better speeds for LAN over wifi.

Is the router networking ports 100 MB or 1 GB, they are not the same.

What is the specific brand/model name of the router?

100 the router you have with provider sky hub, that mean very little to you.

Ps iPad can image

What do you mean using wan vis lan over wifi?

Why would the router you are using mean very little to those trying to help? Quite the opposite.

If you are using a Sky Hub (per this link) then the Sky Hub is your bottle neck if the My Cloud is connected to the Sky Hub. It appears the Sky Hub is not Gigabit capable which means the My Cloud is only transferring at a max of 100Mbps. And the Sky Hub router is only WiFi N, not the faster WiFi AC. So the WiFi is also a potential bottleneck.

If possible see if you can upgrade to the newer Sky Q Hub which has better specifications. 1GB networking ports (only two of them though which means one may need a 1GB network switch if they have more than two wired network devices (like the My Cloud). And it supports the faster WiFi AC protocol.

Or keep the existing Sky Hub and add a better consumer grade router to the network. When adding a second router to a network with an existing router one will need to do additional configuration on both routers to avoid a conflict. Typically one can try to set the main router (in your case the Sky Hub) into Bridge Mode and let the second newer router handle the WiFi, wired network, DHCP and firewall.

If that Sky Hub is really 100Mbps then the theoretical max speed is 12.5 MB/s when compared to various speed test examples I posted above. Try a newer/better router.