Quicker transfer speeds methods

Does anyone have any suggestions on how i could improve speeds ?
Or do you have simular speed results ?
Is the WD mycloud 2 TB this slow generally ?

Here are some speed tests using WD mycloud 2 TB over wi fi - files downloaded to iPad Pro

Using app WD and app file browser. Router 2.4GHz Single band WiFi

1:Download 60mbs with WD app 18.96 seconds.

2:Download 60 mbs with file browser app 24.52 seconds.

3:Download 198 mbs with WD app 01:01.12 seconds.

4:Download 198 mbs with file browser 02:00.21 seconds.

I am interested in how to achieve a better speed for download if any suggestion do post please.
With the above speeds any files like 3 Gigs for download are off limit.
Purpose is for WD mycloud to act as a storage folder of videos for editing in LumaFusion.

That is one bottle neck, the other is potentially the iPad Pro’s WiFi speed/capability. A third bottle neck is if the My Cloud is not connected to a Gigabit router network port.

Generally using a wired Gigabit connection will yield the fastest speeds. When that isn’t possible (like on a mobile device or tablet) then one needs to check the technical specifications of their tablet/mobile device to see what the WiFI capabilities are. One then needs to upgrade their WiFi router to match the WiFi capabilities of the mobile/tablet device if one is using an older WiFi router. From the sounds of it you are using an older less capable (WiFi speed wise) router. You should look to upgrade the router if possible to a faster WiFi speed.

For example if the WiFi side of the router is only capable of N300, yet the mobile device is capable of AC1200 (for example) then the speed will be limited to the slower N300 WiFi speed of the router.

Hello Bennor,

thank you for the input, some areas I can answer some I go away and find out more from personal experimenting.

Then add more research materials.

WD my cloud is connected to router with a Gigabit cable so tests I made so far (iPad Pro 1 ) include the connection.

Test with a Mac book pro over wifi from WD my cloud. (Laptop in the same place as the iPad Pro)

Drag and drop 1.18 GB took 02:26.17 (thats 2 mins 26 sec)

So I can draw from these experiments that the iPad Pro at this point in the game is an area which is slowing down the transfer.

Data on iPad Pro I gleamed from MacTracker.
wi fi 802.11a/b/n/ac; dual channel
(2.4 Ghz and 5 Ghz) ; HT80 with MIMO

I am repeating the same down load using the iPad Pro I post later but expect a long time.

iPad Pro took 6 minutes and 29 seconds to download using the WD app.

File size one file was 1.18 Gigs.

( I suggest avoid using apps like File browser for download purposes as they actually increased the time on downloads during my experiments.)