Kudos to WD for releasing firmware that's killed my drive

As a seasoned techy, I rely on ssh to transfer to and from units, the lastest firmware 02.43.09 - 038 which was the first firmware I’ve ever applied to my nas, locked me out of the drive via ssh.

After disabling and reabling the feature, I manged to get into via the root user… checked all the config files was ok for my admin users and decided to remove the rsa keys from the drive to see if that would fix why my admin accounts passwords wasn’t working.

This locked me out even further! to the point where the drive is now refusing a ssh connection all together!  I’d tried an ssh unlocking package which still didn’t help.

Factory restore time… and if that doesn’t fix it… well I’m open to suggestions!

Kudos WD!

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Why not google what RSA keys are before deleting?

RSAs are for SSH authentication only, nothing else, so yes, deleting it will kill any SSH connection attempts.

Yes, some fimrwares will reset the SSH feature, you have to enable it.

No idea if a factory restore will help, if it does not, search how to generate keys, the OS is actually Debian Lenny. However, chances are you will need SSH or telnet access at the least.

Now, there is a big difference between factory restore vs reset button. One will wipe out all your data, see manual.

I know pefectly fine what RSA keys are? do you? as deleting RSA keys has never affected my ssh access to any other machine, when I’m using a password not a cert!

It seems that WD leeches customer details from this web site so this will be my last post.