KDD Data usage


I recently got a notification that I was about to hit my data cap limit and couldn’t figure out for the life of me why. I checked on my desktop connection (which is on a local network with the MyCloud) and the kdd process from WD has used 426 gb of data this month. Since this drive is on a local network, why is this process using so much data? I know the exacts of other items monthly data usage and this 426 was the missing section I couldn’t seem to pin point. Any thoughts on what is going on? The kdd process also eats up a lot of my CPU on my computer. It likes to run about 15% of my CPU usage at any given time.




I don’t own a My Cloud Home but the User Manual may help you or a search of the Knowledge Base.

User Manual: My Cloud Home and My Cloud Home Duo (westerndigital.com)

Knowledge Base

The problem with a thread like this is that the original poster often omitted sharing information such as there may be 10 users of the MCH and Plex might be running or lots of other remote connections streaming media or backing up data. If you are not the original owner of the MCH, you should do a reset or delete users that you do not recognize.

There may be also a possibility with some network with VPN installed which redirected traffic to relay server.

I’m the sole user on this computer. All other devices show their own usage amount. All other devices only operate on the local connection so no data is going out anyway. This is specifically for 1 computer. No previous owners, I bought it new 2 years ago. No VPN either.

Do you have any usable suggestions on how to address what KDD is just dumping data and using up a ton of CPU usage?

Thank you but I already read the manual on this and found nothing about CPU usage or the KDD ever being mentioned.

You still don’t say if you have Plex or other media server running and if remote users or devices are accessing the MCH. If there is indeed no need for remote connection, go ahead and disable WD Discovery (right click tray icon and Quit) and solely use the SMB Public LAN space of the MCH for local connection. Your best course of action is still to contact WD support directly as suggested by S. Brown of WDC