Why is 'kdd' using all my bandwidth?


I noticed my Internet is slow so checking Task Manager I have a process called ‘kdd’ using most of my wifi bandwidth (up to 30Mbps). This is part of the WD Discovery app but what is it doing?
I setup a sync of a Folder on my desktop weeks ago so I have a copy of my photos on the My Cloud Home, total folder size is only 160GB. The folder is all green ticks which I assume means it has successfully sync’d, so what is kdd doing?
The traffic is both send and receive which makes no sense as I’m not touching any files on the My Cloud Home, merely using it to store a copy from my desktop. So I would expect the traffic to be send only, and only once off for the initial sync.
Why WD why? Why does you product not make sense?


@hamburger please collect the WD Discovery Desktop App logs and open a support case with us so that we can investigate the issue.


Has this issue been resolved? I have the same problem.


Hello, has this issue been solved. I have the same problem…when shutting down MyCloud Home Duo, the traffic of 4 Mbit/s to 20 Mbit/s is no longer the case. Therefore this constant trafficing is coming from MCHome and KDD.


KDD is the process that mounts the Desktop App. Chances are that you have Desktop Sync enabled which monitors chances between the content on the MCH and the Sync Client (Computer). If you click “Un Sync” does the issue go away?


Thanks for your reply.
I have been monitoring this for a couple of days longer.
Please forgive my ignorance, but what is meant by

And yes, Desktop Sync is enabled! And all libraries have been synced long time before already and have the same content on the MCH and Desktop PC. So why is KDD or MCH still have a high trafficing?

I am not prepared to un-sync because when I enable the sync again, MCH will generate new library folders on MCH with …(1) and so on…(and that is another topic which is frustrating, these new folders with (1) and so on).

But like I said previously, when I shut down MCH there is no high traffic anymore.


Does anyone have any ideas why my traffic is so high? I have not un synced the Desktop Sync because mounting takes such a long time and duplicate folders are generated aswell. Like I said, turning off MCH the traffic is low.


@Richy69 We have been investigating this issue.

We have found that if you keep Windows Explorer or macOS Finder Windows open,
there is a process that watches for any changes between the local file and the file
on the MCH. This process is used to update the folder and file sync icon.

Can you confirm the following:

  • Bandwidth usage is more when you have Windows Explorer or macOS Finder Windows open and accessing the Sync Folders using the Desktop App
  • Bandwidth usage is Low when you do not have the window open and accessing the MCH content


@SBrown, there is no windows explorer open! There is nothing open. I just turn on my pc and log in. Like I said, when I shut down MCH, there is hardly no traffic. Also I checked again and saw that the sizes of local files/folders are same as MCH files/folders.


…any solutions found?


are there any solutions for my issue?
Or can you give me another contact or do I need to open a ticket?

A little update in my case…the traffic is reduced (as expected) when I log out of the Desktop App. As soon as I login again, the traffic increases. As in my earlier posts, this high traffic remains for hours on end.