Kaspersky and My Cloud

I am having issue with my My Cloud and am constantly getting the error. ERR_NETWORK_ACCESS_DENIED. I have no other Internet issues. I feel the problem lies with my Kaspersky protection. Does anyone know of Kaspersky tweaking that could fix the problem?

What action are you performing when that error message appears?
What operating system are you using?
Do you already have Mapped My Cloud Shares/Drives?
Are you trying to access a Private Share using a different login name than other Private Shares?

Have you tried their forums or googled “Kaspersky Tutorials”?

I am trying to launch my Dashboard icon using Windows 10. I do have mapped shares. I think I have an idea, but am not sure the resolution. When I click on my dashboard icon, it opens up a window in Chrome and tries to access the IP address of the drive, and errors out. If I type in www.mycloud.com in Chrome, it launches fine. Its as if there is a host file somewhere that needs to be added. Ideas?

Are you sure that’s the correct ip address: check your router’s device table.

‘Errors out’? Please be specific about the error message.

Typing in http://www.mycloud.com into a web browser will take one to the online WEB portal called MyCloud.com. that is NOT the My Cloud Dashboard. The online web portal allows one remote access to their My Cloud using a web browser.

First step is to check what IP Address your My Cloud is using. If you did not configure a static IP address for the My Cloud then access your router’s DHCP server administration page and see what IP Address is being handed out. Or if using Windows File Explorer see if the My Cloud is listed under Network > Storage, if so right click on the My Cloud icon under Storage and select Properties. The IP address for the My Cloud should be listed on the properties dialog box. Once you have the IP address you can enter that into your web browser and you should be able to load the My Cloud Dashboard.

It is recommended (in this subforum anyway) to configure the My Cloud for a Static IP Address using the IP reservation in the router’s DHCP server settings section.

Another suggestion is to power off the router, My Cloud and computer. Wait five minutes, then power on the router and wait for it to finish booting up, then wait five minutes. Next power on the My Cloud and wait for it to boot up, then wait five minutes. Finally power on the computer and wait for it to finish booting, then try to access the My Cloud again.

The error message is in the original post.

Bennor, thanks for the info. I am out of town for a few days, I will check the things you mentioned.