Just Totally Lost

I’m no dumbbell but that’s the way I feel now.
Ok I have a 3TB My Cloud.
just everything is so hard.
I can’t access myCloud thru the network, it comes up the network credentials and wants a password and I tried all I had and I even went and changed the settings to no password required.
I downloaded the sync program and installed it. I it gives me is short cuts to my files.
I go to IE and sign in and can’t seem to upload files and the sync only does just a few.
so far I have over 400 pages of documents to read.
All I wanted to do was copy and past all my files to mycloud and have access to them thru the net. I can do this with a 1TB connected thru a usb.
This is so stressful I want to take a 10 lb sledge hammer to it.
Hope I explained myself ok, sorry if I didn’t.

Read the My Cloud User Manual (http://support.wdc.com/product.aspx?ID=904) if you haven’t done so already. It explains in general terms how to use the My Cloud and its features. One uses a web browser to access the My Cloud Dashboard to administer the features/options of the My Cloud.


Generally for local network access to the My Cloud one would use Windows File Explorer or Macintosh Finder. For quicker access locally it helps to map the My Cloud to the computer.



See the My Cloud Dashboard Help, the WD Sync Help and the following WD Learning links for more specific information.


More help can be found at the following WD Support link.


Sir thank you very much for all the info. I can get to the dashboard from mycloud. after that I thought sync would load up the files? I can only upload 1 song at a time??? Tried to all of them and it don’t see them

Checked out maping a drive and lost. I don’t see it thru file manager but thru network but have no access

6 hr and still no further other than the dashboard says I have 2 devices now.
in mycloud it has the 4 main folders but all are empty. also on my computer I have the same folders but they are only shortcuts to my pictures, etc. Really I am totally lost. I have installed win 3.1, 95, 98 vista, 7 and 10 with no problems, built computers since 1992 and this has me stumped. I have read and read more. I watched the videos and still nothing gets put on mycloud.
Again thanks

I can relate, but it appears a NAS device is foreign to you and you have to crawl before you can walk or run; meaning you need to understand the basics of the My Cloud NAS concepts, and you need to grasp the BIG picture. All the links given you are good, but info overload for now.

Notice the quote of yours at the top of my post; you told us exactly why you got this gizmo and what you want to do. You want to access your files from your network and/or the internet. This is basically how I use my My Cloud, and it is easy! This should make you feel better already.

Look, you do not want to sync or backup right now to this thing (maybe even never) because data in those formats are not usable to me or you for ACCESSING our data, because that data is encoded. What we want are exact COPIES of our photos, music, and videos all in one place, on one big hard drive based ON our network so we can use (view and listen to) the files using our gadgets (phones, tablets, TVs, etc.) DO I UNDERSTAND YOU CORRECTLY?

If so, let us know, and I, Bennor and others can help point you in the right directions so you can copy the data onto the My Cloud, and use the data from appropriate devices.

For example, I can listen to my music, movie, and photo collections STORED ON MY CLOUD by using lots of different devices; at home AND remotely from anywhere I am in the world; given good internet connection away from home. If you have not installed the My Cloud app on your phones and tablets you need to do this right away, since this is the main way you can enjoy your media files from the MC using mobile devices.

Mike you hit the nail on the head, Every 60 Days I copy and past all my files on a portable drive in a folder by mo and year and then delete the old folder, this is my method of back-up. This what I wanted to do and have access from any computer so I could share stuff with my friends.
I have my cloud set up but that’s about where I am, can’t seem to figure out how to copy and paste to the cloud. Also on my dashboard it says I now have two devices? I did install wd sync, uninstalled it and then installed it again.
Thanks and now I will go and get my phone set up.

You use Windows File Explorer (if using Windows) to copy, either by drag and drop or by copy and paste, to the My Cloud. If the My Cloud is not showing up under Network in Windows File Explorer then you need to figure that issue out first. Generally all devices on the local network should use the same Workgroup name, and be in the same IP address range. One should have NetBIOS over TCP/IP enabled, one should have the network set to Private and not Public. One should have all the latest Windows update installed. One should check their security software (firewall/antivirus) to ensure it is not blocking access to the My Cloud or the local network. Several of these steps are detailed in the following thread on Windows 10 and the My Cloud.


OK I just copy and passed my documents as a test into the public folder and seemed to work and went on line to My Cloud and they were in the public folder, I couldn’t put them in My folder called Brian because I can’t assess it needs a used and PW, yesterday I changed my settings so no password would be needed. oh well. So did I put them in the correct place

Brian, you copy files to My Cloud exactly as you would a plain vanilla drive attached to PC.

ALL my files are in the MC Public folder in the default sub-folders there named Shared, Music, Pictures and Videos, and in there I copied my folders (not files one at a time). I just copied my entire folder of music and videos and some photos.

I suggest you do same for now, You can mess with your own folders later once you get the hang of the thing.

Glad we could get you up and running.

Testing to see if reply works this way

OK Here is what I got before I go any further


Under Network I have

3 Computers

Desktop Ve9tm1m WDcloud

I put my files in WDcloud under Public

Media Devices

Directtv DirectTV WDMycloud

WDMycloud takes me to TWGNKY

Other Devices




Takes be to my dashboard

Also I can go online to Mycloud

and have Brian Public

WOW seems my Brian loaded up with a lot of files

Also I got my app for the phone and it loaded up my files, next I will look for them.

That’s where I am now, I will load the rest of my files, ie pictures, videos and music

Thanks for pointing me forward

Are you putting media files in Brian folder instead of Public like I suggested? The files really should have been in a folder named Brian as a subfolder of Public.

FYI: Here is a partial File Explorer screen shot of my Public folder as seen from Network section of File Explorer. Notice everything is in the original Shared folders for media along with other folders I added here. All the media folders are populated with my music, photo and video subfolders (which are not open to see here).

Putting everything into the Public, I have no access to Brian, needs some password.

If you have access to the My Cloud Dashboard you can access the Shares page and change a Share’s Private setting either by disabling it (making it Public) or changing which Users have access and their permission level. One can change a User’s password on the Dashboard > Users page. This is all information that is in the My Cloud User Manual or the My Cloud Dashboard Help.

Mike and Bennor, I’m getting it, not all but have been working on a car for a few days. Just wish they provided a 100 page paper manual instead of having to download it which is harder to read that paper, just saying. Things are moving forward with both of your help to me. I am sure I will have a few more but I just want to say thanks for what you both do and all the others on this site.


Glad to know you do not feel “totally lost” anymore. You were definitely spinning around at first, and all you needed was to be pointed in the right direction.

Yes, there are pros and cons to paper vs PDF, but one handy thing about PDF is you can search for key words and get info faster.

Anyway, most manufacturers are cutting costs by eliminating paper (It has nothing to do with saving trees; it’s all about saving money!)