iTunes Server

 Is there or isn’t there an iTunes server on the MyCloud?

 If there is how is it set up. I see nothing in the MyCloud manual about this.

Yes, it acts like a shared library

Yes there is an iTunes server on My Cloud, open dashboard. In the WD My Cloud User Manual it is on P.82. See image below for turning it on.

When it is setup, is on and you open iTunes, click on music and you should see the pop-up. See image below.


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Sorry, I can’t see the images in your post. I did turn on the itunes server and start a scan. Do I have to put the songs in any particular share.

IIRC, it needs to be in the 

public/Shared Music


The only problem I have is that I had all my music in three different shares so when iTunes scanned all three copies show. When I click on Songs in iTunes each song shows three times and will play three times in a row, however I found that by clicking on Playlist>Music (See image below) only one of each song shows. Albums for some reason work a little different when I click on them.

If you can’t see my images click on my User Name (cat0w) and see if you can view images I have used.

I see the images in your first post now, however I can’t see the image in your last post. Weird. Perhaps they don’t show till a moderator reviews them.

I figured it out. I had to change a preference. Under General select shared libraries as a source. I think it’s showing all songs on the MyCloud. They are spread over 2 shares.

Too bad iTunes doesn’t show actual location of the file like it does for local files.

The image you could not see should be showing now.


I’ve tagged my music using the “comments” section of my music.  I’ve also set the “Rating” value for my music.  Once I uploaded my tracks to my iTunes server, I do not have any information other than name, time, artist, album, and genre.  The columns are visible for Comments and rating, but there is no data.  Does anyone know is there is a setting that can be adjusted to tell the iTunes server to import this information from my iTunes DB or the music tags?

Hi, since this is a discussion about iTunes I would just like to know if your My Cloud iTunes server shows album art under say, for example, album view. Mine does not but it appears small at the top when playing a track ???


No, I do not see album artwork either.  I just see basic track information.  This tells me that the server doesn’t ready the rest of the ID tags.  Maybe it’s something like it won’t ready ID4 tags, but it will pick up the IDv1 tags or something.  I don’t really feel like SSHing into the server to poke around with the configs.  I was hoping that if we could get this extended info to show up, it would be an option on the dashboard.

Edit: It looks like there is a known limitation to importing artwork with forked-daap.

I’m going to check the iTunes override value in the config.  It sounds like meta data being pulled from the track is limited as well.  Maybe if we uploaded a modified iTunesDB xml file, we can import the meta data that way.  That’s a little ugly though, and we would have to keep a local copy of iTunes on our machine just to get updated scans of the meta data.

I’m going to keep looking.