iTunes server

I’ve had a MY Cloud for a few years now and never got the itunes server to work.

The mycloud manual is a bit vague when it comes to the itunes server,

What I want to achieve is multiple computers/devices playing music from a central location (the my cloud). With new music added to the centralised location instead of having multiple separate libraries.

Sometimes the My cloud option is available to me on iTunes and sometimes it isn’t. When it is, there is no music available despite having set a computer to locate it’s itunes library in the [Public>shared music] folder as well as a couple of MP3s located in the [Public>shared music] folder for testing purposes

What am I doing wrong?

What generation of My Cloud do you have? Is everything set up in the Dashboard?

Ensure you have copied over the entire iTunes Library folder from the PC/Mac to the My Cloud, then change the iTunes Library location setting to that of the new iTunes folder on the My Cloud… Just putting a few audio files in a folder on the My Cloud and pointing the iTunes Media Library to it may not be enough.

Also ensure you have enabled the iTunes option under the My Cloud Dashboard > Settings > Media > iTunes. Then ensure the Share where the entire iTunes library was copied to has Media Serving enabled for it within the My Cloud Dashboard > Shares section.

Re indexing iTunes within the Mycloud seems to have worked. Can I now use this to add music and playlists from two different computers?