Can itunes be located on MyCloud and accessed via DNS

Not sure exactly how to explain this…If its not clear please ask.

I would like to be able to pull my Mycloud on my TV screen.(This I can already do via DNS) then-Open Itunes and play a playlist. I already have my Itunes libarary on MyCloud-Do I somhow need to add Itunes itself? Sorry if Im not explaining it well.

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'iTunes" itself as an application with a visual interface is not something that can be normally done unless the iTunes server is supported by your TV. Some apple devices feature said functionality. On the other hand, the playlist itself can open if it is supported by your TV’s DLNA media server. However, some servers need for the playlist file to have a particular extension in order to work.

Yes it can - I have ALL my iTunes library on my WD MyCloud which can then be accessed by multiple devices.

1)Using Windows Explorer COPY the iTunes folder on your PC hard Drive to the Server/Public/Shared Music folder leaving the original on your PC as a backup for the moment.

  1. On your PC hold down the ‘Shift’ key when double clicking the iTunes icon. This will open up a window ‘Choose iTunes Library’ rather than start iTunes.

  2. Select ‘Choose Library’

  3. Navigate to Server/Public/Shared Music/itunes/iTunes Library.itl   and select. - done.

  4. The next time you open iTunes on your PC the index will be the one on your server.

Multiple PC’s on your network running iTunes can be re-directed to your server in this manner. Any PC can add / remove alter the directory index also. - ideal for sharing an iTunes library accross multiple users and with remote access too.

If you are satisfied with the above you can erase your original iTunes folder on your PC, keep it as a backup, or if not you can always re-direct your  iTunes index back to the PC (2 above)

I hope this helps.

Will this then show up on all computer or just the main one that you copied that particular iTunes folder from?

The directory will show up on all devices connected to the network or devices used by ‘Authorised Users’.

This includes Internet TV’s on the network which will see all music and films in the iTunes folder on the MyCloud drive.

One thing I found out though was that my own internet TV will play the default  AAC format audio but not the ‘Apple Lossless’ format which is an option when importing cd’s into iTunes. 

So all I need to do is copy the iTunes folder from my pc to my external and then move all of my songs to that folder so that way they will show up right when my iTunes opens rather than using the drop down and having to go to WDMyCloud? Is this correct? This way all of my files will show up like they are on my computer as soon as I open iTunes but they are really on my WDMyCloud.