How to needed for MyCloud and Itunes Setup

Hey All,

I have all of my music on the WD My cloud under a folder titled “Music”. I recently purchase an Ipad and am trying to set up iTunes, but having a really hard time. Can someone point me in the right direction? On the My Cloud, I have the iTunes server turned “On” and in iTunes, I see where you can change the directory from music on “my computer” to “Wd mycloud” (so it is showing up), but when I do so, it says “There is no music on this device”.

Any advice? Struggling pretty hard. I’m running a mac, but I want to leave all my music on the wdmycloud, not this computer. I’d also love to set it up to download new itunes music and old stuff from years ago to the wdmycloud and not my computer as well.

I’ve tried searching, but can’t find any guides on setting up itunes for the first time with this product. Thanks so much in advance.

See the My Cloud User Manual ( for more information about using iTunes and some generic information on how to set it up. In particular see Chapter 11 Playing/Streaming Videos, Photos & Music, Accessing Your Personal Cloud Using iTunes. Ensure the iTunes media server is enabled through the My Cloud Dashboard > Settings section.

One thing to keep in mind. The iTunes media server only supports a few audio file formats. The following is from the My Cloud User Manual:

Media Types Supported by iTunes
Note: iTunes 10.4 or later only supports music files.
The iTunes Media Server supports the following file extensions: FLAC, M4A, MP3, MP4A
and WAV

If you are trying to access the My Cloud iTunes server using a mobile device like an iPad you may have problems due to the iOS iTunes app not properly accessing NAS devices. Instead you may have to use a File Browsing app (like FileBrowser) instead to search the My Cloud and launch media. Or use the My Cloud iOS app. Or use a third party app for accessing DLNA/iTunes media servers.

Interesting. So it looks like I need to copy my music from “Music” to “public/music” in order for it to show up? Where would I set my downloads folder for itunes? That’s unfortunate if I can’t just choose a new folder to direct it too and have to copy it.

I’m not as worried about accessing it remotely from ipad, I was planning on moving it from the cloud to the device, so it wouldn’t matter.

Hey Bennor,

Just as an update (and again I appreciate your help interpreting this), but I moved a few songs into the “public/music” folder that are supported by itunes and it still won’t show up in the itunes library. These file types are M4a and Mp3. Am I missing it?

Editing to say this is on my mac for testing.

As indicated previously in my post above, if you are using a mobile device like an iPad you may have to use the WD My Cloud app for iOS or use a file browser app because the iOS app on the Apple mobile devices may not support accessing the iTunes server on the My Cloud.

One should also check to ensure Media Serving is enabled on the Share containing the media files using the My Cloud Dashboard > Shares section. The My Cloud User Manual gives general directions. One can put their media files into any Share or subfolder so long as they enable Media Serving for that Share through the My Cloud Dashboard > Shares section.


Do you want to actually administer you music stored on My Cloud using iTunes program or just listen to it from My Cloud? If you want to administer it it this way I suggest you read through the iTunes help regarding storing the iTunes Media folder somewhere other than the default folder.

As for what I do, I just copy my iTunes Media folder to My Cloud (I store it in the Default folder Public/Shared Music folder) and I can access it all kinds of ways, from any devices or programs that can do so (including iPad, media player, etc). This includes using the My Cloud mobile app on iPad or phone. I can even access the iTunes Media folder remotely from anywhere.

Of course, doing it this way requires me to manually update the copied folder and occasionally, erasing the copied folder and re-copying it from my PC to the My Cloud again to assure it is up to date. A bit of a hassle, but I is not hard to do for me.


You’re a genius. I edited my above post to reflect the fact that I am testing this on my mac and plan on hooking up and transferring the music to the ipad.

I’m outlining the steps that I took with your above help for future posts. I needed to just turn on “media serving” on my “music” folder in the shares section and then go to settings --> media and rescan the itunes folder.

  1. Go into the dashboard setting --> Shares --> and “enable” media serving.
  2. Go to the settings on the dashboard --> media --> rescan itunes library.

Then it’s set. The only thing I’m missing is where do I change the directory for itunes. Do I just put it anywhere on my WD My cloud?

Not sure what you are asking here. If you are not using the My Cloud as the iTunes (software) Media Library storage location you can put the media files into any Share or subfolder so long as you have enabled Media Serving for that Share. If you want to use the My Cloud as an iTunes Media Library storage location for the actual iTunes program/software then one can move the entire iTunes media folder from their computer to the My Cloud, then change the library location in the iTunes software on their computer. See the following links for more information about moving the iTunes library from a computer to an NAS like the My Cloud.


Can you explain the manual aspect of what you have to do? I’m just looking to leave my library on the cloud. I changed the directory in iTunes preferences to just wdmycloud --> music --> itunes, but now downloads are going inside itunes, so I just changed it to wdmycloud --> music. I think that should be sufficient, but just intrigued with what you’re saying.

If you have iTunes program working correctly with the iTunes data on the My Cloud (meaning you add some new music in iTunes, it gets added to the file on the My Cloud, and not on your computer) you are all set, as you have successfully transferred and updated your iTunes data.