Please help! Newbie trying to set up my cloud

Hey! I just got my 2TB device yesterday. It’s all set up and I can connect just fine. I’m having trouble, however, figuring out iTunes. Here is what I want to do.

I want to put my movies and videos on the cloud and stream them from the cloud through iTunes to my Apple TV because I’ve run out of space on my Mac. Can someone provide me with instructions on how best to go about doing this? I moved some music into the shared music folder and then tried to see if I could go to the device in iTunes and it doesn’t work. It’s showing up, it just won’t load. iTunes server is on. 

I’m fairly tech savvy but still a newb at all this. Any other advice/suggestions you have, I appreciate. 

I’m on a PC and your on a Mac, but this should be the same, have you gone into iTunes and set up Sharing.

Next in the Dashboard look at Help(?) for more information.

See the User Manual>Playing/Streaming,Videos, Photos & Music.

Hope this helps.

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cat0w (USA)