Need help setting up so itunes/mycoud so they can comunicate within each other for file location

I transferred all my files from old wd 2TB to new 6TB mycloud but now when I download a new movie or epically new episode for tv show I have the problem of iTunes showing both downloaded and still in the icloud within itune purchases. I concerned that when I download a file into my mycloud its not storing the file where it will communicate back to my mac. can someone help and let what could be causing this. THANKS IN ADVANCE!!

First problem I see is that you changed saving iTunes downloads from one drive to another. By default, iTunes will save it’s iTunes Media folder to you computer’s drive unless you tell to save it somewhere else. There is a control in iTunes program to do that, and you must have done that in past so downloads were saved to the 2TB drive. Unless you changed the location to now save to the 6TB my cloud, your iTunes folder is saving stuff to the default folder on your PC again. You need to fix this problem and get your new downloads into the correct folder on the 6TB drive.

This is totally an iTunes issue, So check the iTunes program controls to do this, and refer to iTunes Help for assistance.

You need to go into iTunes then click on: Edit/Preferences/Advanced (within preferences) and change what says “iTunes Media folder location”

thank for reply I appreciate your help I’ve done that in iTunes Prefrences/Advance. My Media folder location is set to my wd. my files go to the right location within my WD my cloud, I can view and play them from within the drive. its threw iTunes that it basically show two files of the same thing twice and my old files that a manually transferred from my old 2TB work fine within my iTunes. This only started after I got my 6TB WD my cloud and I started downloading new movies/TV shows, to me it seems like my cloud isn’t allowing iTunes to see what there in the file. I’ve gone back and fourth on thinking between WD and iTunes causing the issue and I’ve even talk to them and they never have an answer. I was wondering about mapping in what all it does and if I’ve got mine setup right

Sounds like you are on the right track to figure this out. I used up my best idea.

Any time you copy the iTunes library from one drive to another you have to copy ALL the library files including non media files to the new library location then instruct iTunes to use the new location.

If you simply add a new media file location to an existing media file location and both contain the same files you’ll end up with duplicate files being listed by iTunes.

Bennor are you saying that when I first transferred all my file to the new WD MY Cloud I should have transferred 2 TB of data all at once. because I broke it all down in transferring by folder at a time. 2 TB toke me 2 or 3 days. I did movie folder then tv show folder then last music folder

It doesn’t mater how all the files of the iTunes folder are moved from one drive to another, the point is all the iTunes library files need to be moved to the new location. All too often people just move the media files and not the artwork files or the other iTunes files at the root level of the iTunes library folder.

While the following link shows how to move the iTunes folder on a Mac the process should be similar if one is using a Windows PC.

Bennor, partially correct: I have been moving my iTunes from one PC to another and my iTunes Media to another drive for many years:
Here is the drill:

My iTunes program is on the C drive of PC, but my iTunes Media folder is on F drive. No problem as long as iTunes program knows where the iTunes Media folder is.

Info from some notes I have made to myself about all this:

Default Folder for iTunes Media on my Win7 PC:
C:\Users\Mike\Music\iTunes\iTunes Media
on some PCs “Music” folder is called My Music

My actual Folder for iTunes Media on Win 7 PC:
F:\Music\iTunes\iTunes Media

You see, if Media folder is not in default folder with iTunes library files, it still works fine as long as iTunes program knows where it is…

Secondly, if moving (copying) iTunes to a new PC and even different drive, one needs to know where the other iTunes data is (library files, etc.) and in my case it is, as described above as in the default iTunes folder. On the other hand, if data library and media folder are both in same default folder one needs to know that as well.

Moving (copying) one’s iTunes from PC 1 to PC 2 is real easy.

  1. Install new iTunes onto PC 2, but do not open program yet.
  2. Using Win File Explorer, delete all contents from your new PC 2’s default Users\your name iTunes folder
  3. Copy all the contents from the PC 1’s same folder (including the iTunes Media folder, too, into now empty PC 2 folder if you will be using the default location
  4. Now, turn on your iTunes program, and once it on fully, your iTunes will be just as it is on the old PC 1.
  5. If your location for iTunes Media folder will be different than the default location, copy that folder from first PC and then copy it to folder location on PC 2 before you turn on iTunes program, Then, when you turn on iTunes on PC 2 for first time, go into Edit/Preferences/Advanced and make a correction to the new location where iTunes Media is and save it. When you return to iTunes program all your iTunes music will show up as is on the original PC 1.

I also use this method to keep a “back up” of my complete iTunes in case I ever need it. I copy the iTunes’ users\ folder with its library files, etc and also my iTunes Media folder to a completely different drive. I need to update these backups every few months.

Additional info:
I originally used the default folder for keeping my iTunes media on PC drive until I began to run out of room on old PC. So, I attached a My Passport to PC and moved the iTunes Media there. All went well until I forgot to attach the Passport, but opened iTunes, Discovered new music added to iTunes missing and found that when this happens iTunes creates a iTunes Media folder on default C drive. and puts new stuff in it whenever it did not find the previous location, and will continue to use this location until I tell it the correct location again. I also had to re-add the music from the default location.
My next laptop PC had room for a second drive, so I installed one (my drive F) and that is where my iTunes Media is stored so iTunes never loses track of the folder ever again!