iTunes server versus File sharing

First, let’s say that I’m new to iPod and iTunes, and that I just bought a WD My Book Live .

I want to access the music (and photos) from many PC.

What I’m trying to determine is what is the benefit of setting up an iTunes server, vs.  just pointing my music folders to the same location.

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The benefit to using an iTunes service is that all the info will show on you itunes and airplay devices automatically. Without it, you have to configure itunes to import those locations into your iTunes library.

Thanks, I think I see the benefits.

When I press “Reanalyse” in the WDMBL iTunes section, does that mean that all media will indexed in the iTines database of the server and made available to all iTunes clients (those allowed) ? Do we have to ask for “reanalysing” or will the iTunes server do it by itself sometimes ?



The answer to Q1 is YES.   To Q2:  I don’t actually know.

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Is there any difference between this indexation and the one done directly by the iTunes client ? I read someting about the “cover” ?


…and, after syncing the iPod, where is the music that mas  in the My Book Live shared section of the iTunes client ?


You CANNOT SYNC from an iTunes server.

It’s only there to make the files available to iTunes software and airplay devices.  

Then I’m no longer of the advantages. Taking into account that I can include in my local iTunes library any directory on any disk, what is the “plus” ? (just trying to figure it out)


Like I said:   It will show on ANY iTunes client on your network (WITHOUT having to configure iTunes to find it; it’s discovered by using Bonjour protocol), and AirPlay devices can find it, too.

TonyPh12345 wrote:

You CANNOT SYNC from an iTunes server.

It’s only there to make the files available to iTunes software and airplay devices. 

What I’m trying to understand: 

  • with the WD iTunes server
  • with an iTunes client without any specific music except the one in the “shared” section : the one from the iTunes server
  • with an iPod connected to that iTunes client 

is the iPod supposed to sync the music from the sared section ?


SHARED stuff is NOT the same thing as iTunes server stuff.

…therefore there is no way to sync shared stuff ?


(sigh)  You’re not paying attention.  ;)

SHARING files is something entirely different than having them available via an iTunes Server.   They are two totally separate, distinct facilities that have little to do with one another.

YES, you CAN sync files that are accessible via NAS devices.    That’s how MY iTunes client is set up.

My wife uses the same NAS, but she’s using her OWN iTunes client.

But you CANNOT sync files that are offered to the iTunes Client via an iTunes Server.   All the iTunes Client will do for content discovered via an iTunes Server is give you the opportunity to PLAY those files.   They are NOT available for syncing via iTunes Server.

Can your NAS do BOTH?    Absolutely.    It can offer the SAME files through BOTH an iTunes Server connection OR via a CIFS/SAMBA “SHARE” connection.

…may be, because you know the product too well, that you don:t give the direct answer…:smiley:

It’s clear now. I cannot sync any data provided by the iTunes server. I have to map the directory  (on the server) and ask the iTunes client to index it in its library. In fact it is what I was doing but I thought it was so inefficient  that there should be a way to have the client working more closely with the server, leaving to the server the “dirty job”.  Anyway…

Thanks for the clarification.