Itunes not showing as share on Ipod

Hi all,

We’ve recently bought a couple of Ipods but cannot get the Ipod music or video app to see the ITunes server under shares.

Everything else works fine, can use WD2Go on the Ipod and our android devices.

Have tried rescanning the Itunes service.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance


iTunes servers don’t work that way.  They stream only to PCs or Macs running iTunes client software.

Ok thanks so to clarify only the PC running Itunes client software can use MBL as an Itunes server?  The Ipod cannot connect directly through the Ipod music app?

I can use the Itunes software on a PC to share the music located on the MBL to the Ipod but I was looking for a direct way of doing this as we do with our android phones not involving turning a PC on.  Could anyone offer a suggestion?

Thanks again