Issues with Formatted Drive


I purchased the 1TB Passport Ultra whilst in the States. I had it formatted to ExFAT to work on my Mac. I also needed it to work with my Dell at the same time (This I am yet to test). I’m currently outside the US (and will be for a long while) and discovered my Samsung TV cannot recognise it.

I do a lot of images and videos so ExFAT32 is not an option. How do I view on the tv?

Also I don’t know what apps/add ons the drive came with. Can those be re-installed or downloaded and from where?

Lastly why is WD site not taking my Model number or Serial Number?!

Many thanks

TV supported formats are pretty limited … external media players have better compatibility (don’t buy a WDTV though … no ExFAT support)

But, my Raspberry Pi 3 happily recognizes ExFAT32 formatted HDD’s … and plays content perfectly :smiley:

If you are having issues registering your drive I recommend you contact WD support directly.

Thank you, I’ll look into that.

Many thanks, I’d try. Would have preferred a direct chat instead of a long distance call,