Is there any gen2 for WD my cloud 3TB single bay?

I heard that my cloud 3TB single bay gen2 ship with 512MB RAM and Marvell armada 370 (2core, 800MHz), is that true? thanks a lot.

There are numerous posts and discussions on the hardware used by the Gen 2 single bay My Cloud units versus the first Gen single bay units. One can find them by using the forum search feature, magnifying glass icon upper right. Here are a few such posts:

One can generally determine the generation version by looking at the P/N number on the bottom of the single bay My Cloud or the P/N My Cloud product box. Generally the version 2 single bay My Cloud units will have a “-10” at the end of the P/N number. The first gen has “-00”. An example of the P/N number on the single bay My Cloud product box:

  • Gen1: fw v03.x.x.x and v04.x.x.x (Mindspeed Comcerto C2000 CPU, 2x650MHz, 256MB RAM, Debian-based OS (Wheezy))
  • Gen2: fw GLCR_v2.x.x (Marvell Armada 375 CPU, 2x1GHz, 512MB RAM, Custom Busybox-based OS)