Gen 1 vs Gen 2 model numbers?

Can anyone point me to where to see what model number = Gen 1 / 2?

i.e. Given a model number WDBCTL0040HWT-NESN , how can I tell what generation firmware is installed.

edit: I’m looking to buy a spare on eBay (or other sites) and I would like to know what the model generation is that I’m bidding on.

Thanks for any help!

Actually solved by FOX_exe in

But having the summary in Q seems to make the most sense

Thanks to all for their help!

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Open the dashboard in your browser. It will report the installed firmware.
If it is a firmware, it is gen2.
If it is firmware, it is gen1.

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You can access the My Cloud Dashboard to find the firmware version.
If the single bay My Cloud is running firmware 3.x or 4.x it is a first generation My Cloud unit.
If the single bay My Cloud is running firmware 2.x it is a second generation My Cloud unit.

Or one can look at the P/N number on the bottom of the single bay My Cloud unit enclosure or the product box/packaging.
If the P/N ends with “-00” it is a first generation My Cloud.
If the P/N ends with “-10” it is a second generation My Cloud.

One can use the forum search feature, magnifying glass icon upper right, to search through this subforum to find several past discussions on the model numbers and hardware differences between the two single bay My Cloud model versions.

Yes, I guess I should have said that I’m looking to buy on eBay, so I want to know what generation I’m bidding on.
I’ve updated my Q.

Use the following link for more information and look at the information provided for each User Manual plus click on the icon.

If the seller hasn’t posted pictures of, or listed, the full P/N number of the unit up for bidding you will have to contact them and ask for the full P/N number or have them access the Dashboard to get the firmware version number.

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Thanks Fox!

I had looked at your link before, but couldn’t quite parse it out. Now that I have a need, I understand! ; -)

So for future searchers (and my notes)

WD MyClould Single Bay
Generation …Model

Of course other parts of the model number are defined in Fox_Exe’s link, the 2 remaining segments, 0040 define the number of terabytes, and NESN is a region? code. The other regions may be posted in WD documentation, but sorry, life is too short. ; -)

Thanks to all!

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P/N: WDBCTL0060HWT-10 turned out to be a gen2 device with 512MB Ram running firmware 2.21.126.
The -10 seems to be the indicator for gen2.

Correct. For the single bay My Cloud models the “-00” and “-10” would appear to indicate the version/generation number. As indicated earlier in the thread.

If the P/N ends with “-00” it is a first generation My Cloud.
If the P/N ends with “-10” it is a second generation My Cloud.

Hello everyone!

My P/N is WDBCTL0040HWT-10.

Many of you say that this is a gen2 model because it ends with 10. But nnnn_mm wrote that wdBCTL0040hwt-nesn belongs to gen1 and models with wdGLCR0040hwt-nesn are gen2. I can not check my mycloud at the moment cause i have the flashing blue light issue.

Many thanks for any respond!

If your P/N number on a single bay My Cloud ends in “-10”, you have a second gen v2.x single bay My Cloud. The first gen ends in “-00”. If one looks at the WD Support page for the single bay My Cloud ( they will see even WD flat out states the P/N numbers for each version that confirms this:

Gen 2

2nd Generation correct??

No. That is a My Cloud Mirror which is a different model than the single bay My Cloud models. If you have a My Cloud Mirror, see the specific subforum for that device.

This subforum and discussion is referring to the single bay/single drive My Cloud models which looks like this:

.00 1st generation 6GB I just bought a year ago and now becoming obsolete. Ridiculous corporate greed. Don’t talk to me about going green when I have to constantly throw printers and backup drives away. Greed and rude when you are still sell old junk on Amazon and now obsolete. Global ecology and going green my jackass

Huh? Not sure what your rant has to do with the issue (single bay My Cloud model numbers) of this discussion. We are users like yourself and have no control over what WD does other than not to buy their products. Throwing old drives away? Why not just shuck the drive from it’s enclosure and use it in a computer (either on a spare SATA port or using a USB to SATA adapter/docking station) rather than throwing it away. Or shuck the drive and use it in an NAS enclosure from another manufacturer. There are ways to recycle and properly dispose of old electronic/computer equipment in most countries/locations.

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