Gen 1 vs Gen 2 My Cloud

Hello fellow MyCloud-ers!

I have several My Cloud devices, one of which is surplus to my needs. I have a 2TB Gen 1 and a 3TB Gen 2. I’m considering keeping the 2TB Gen 1 and selling the 3TB Gen 2. The 2 TB is more than enough storage for my needs in this particular application and I can get more for the 3TB drive than the 2TB drive.

So, is there any reason NOT to keep the 2TB Gen 1 device (I have no interest in updating the OS to OS5).

Thanks in advance!

The Gen 2 single bay My Cloud can be tricked into installing Apps in the My Cloud Dashboard, the first gen cannot as it doesn’t have the Apps option in the Dashboard like the v2.x firmware does.

The Gen 2 single bay My Cloud can be updated to OS5 (some are having issues doing so however), the first gen cannot.

The second gen single bay My Cloud generally has slightly better hardware specifications than the first gen single bay My Cloud. The following is from this post.

Model: My Cloud (Gen 1)
Code: SQ - Sequoia
Specs: Mindspeed Comcerto 2000 M86261G-12 Dual Core 650 MHz, 256 MB RAM
Note: Part Number: WDBCTLxxxxHWT-00. Firmware 03.xx.xx and 04.xx.xx
Note: Firmware 03.xx.xx has 4K pages and firmware 04.xx.xx has 64K pages.

Model: My Cloud (Gen 2)
Code: GLCR - Glacier
Specs: Marvell Armada A375 Dual Core 1.0 GHz, 512 MB RAM
Note: Part Number: WDBCTLxxxxHWT-10. Firmware 02.xx.xx

Personally if I had a choice I’d keep the second gen simply because it has better hardware. Isn’t end of software support like the first gen is. And it has more storage space than the first gen. YMMV

WD Product Software Support Status

Ah, yes, better hardware - faster CPU and more RAM. I doubt there’ll be much further development of the Gen 2 (newer firmware) but I’m guessing I should still keep it and sell the Gen 1.


I would keep it as a spare in case the 3TB Gen 2 dies

but, i’m a tech hoarder and never get rid of stuff because of the “just in case something fails i have a backup” excuse :wink: