My Cloud Specifications


I just bought an 8 TB My Cloud (p/n: wdbctl0080hwt-10). It has a dual-core processor. How can I find out exactly what kind of processors it has?

Also, what type of file system does it use? NTFS?


cat /proc/cpuinfo - Show CPU info
cat /proc/meminfo - Show memory info
mount - Show mounted partitions, filesystems, options

In short:
CPU: Marvell Armada A375 (2 cores, 1GHz each, armhf, ARMv7l, Cortex A9, vfp, neon)
RAM: 512 MB
ROM: 256MB Nand flash (bootloader, kernel, ramdisk, OS, Recovery, Configs)
HDD: WD Red, Ext3/4 file systems.
OS: Custom build system, based on Busybox (all-in-one binary, used most in routers). Seems like Marvell SDK with minimum changes (And too many “workaround” and full of s**t)


Where do you issue these commands? Is it possible to SSH into the device?


Yes, yo SSH into it. On the config page / settings you have a tickbox to enable it.

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I’m not sure this applies to the 8TB model? Are you sure they’re using Red disks?

Generally all the My Cloud single drive units use red drives. One can use SSH (enabled through the My Cloud Dashboard) to access their My Cloud and issue the following command to find the hard drive model used in their My Cloud. One can then perform an internet search on the drive model name to find out exactly what the drive is.

hdparm -I /dev/sda