Is the DL 4100/2100 a dead product?

I’m asking this question and hoping for a clear response from WD. There is a major issue with domain join that is well documented as well as an unsupported workaround here in the forums. Yet WD have not made any clear indication if we can expect this to be fixed or not, and certainly no time frame. Therefore I’ve got to ask the question is the product dead?

Wayne, you will not get any useful replies in this forum. I do not have any contacts anymore with WD. Wonder if Harry might??
When the product was “alive” they did not listen to Business user feedback like all shares should not be public. So I doubt getting AD integration fixed is a priority

All that said, could you not make the NAS an ISCSI target, attach it to a server and manage access from the server as a normal share?

Well - based on my post here, I got an email a few days later from WD as they opened a support case for me. A support tech called me and after a few aborted attempts we connected. He basically went over my WD with me remotely. He explained to me that you can’t just give a user permissions to a share and that you also need to give every group that the user is a member of permission so the share too.

I explained to him that this is not how windows style security works and it’s not how the competition works. He politely said he’s take that feedback on board.

Long story short - the design is flawed and sadly I do not believe it will be fixed. I’ll do a blog post later explaining how to work around the issue and the problems this presents. I don’t know how this got through beta with this flaw in it . :frowning:

Right you are - let me resolve that.