Any WD Support-staff reading this?

Being here for a while, I really wonder if anybody from WD is reading this and is trying to help on all the issues or if we are just left alone here to discuss, what is not working properly!?

I think it is safe to say, no. I had low expectations after seeing their phone support. What is funny is while looking at the EX4100 on Amazon they seem to have a whole team responding to people’s reviews and comments on there.

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The EX2100, EX4100, DL2100 and DL4100 are currently their newest line of network addressed storage servers. Both aimed at high-end users and small businesses. You can imagine the flak that can fly back at WD if those end-up at businesses, hold business critical data and then the NAS itself ends up failing.

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Would the high end user and small business not want the increased performance, specs, and warranty that the Red Pro drives offer? I think the flak would be on the idiots with the businesses that thought they could store business critical data on sub $1K setups.

Some will. If enough is spent on the DL4100 (and I think the EX4100) there is an option for one DL4100 to fully back-up to another same NAS. That would provide NAS redundancy, but the cost is instantly doubled.