DL2100 / DL4100 processor upgrade please!

Hi All,

I think its about time that WD consider upgrading the processors on these set boxes to support applications requirements.

Its easy to see that other competitor companies have gone far beyond to provide products line that meets customer requirements at both Hardware and software levels.

Like the Synology DiskStation DS716+ which can transcode 4k videos on plex. and don’t let me start about how innovative the OS they are using for their NAS boxes.

I am currently waiting for a refresh hopefully this month, I believe other customers like me is wondering about the same and considering shifting to other solutions.


I am trying to understand the reason for this rant in a user forum.

Do you own a DL2100 or 4100 WD NAS?

Are you bummed that Synology came out with a “better” unit a year after the WD models did? (They better have, as that is “progress”.)

I did a quick look for the Synology model you mention. Seems the basic 2 bay box costs over $100 more than the WD model, so it darn well ought to “do more”.

It seems logical you could sell your WD unit on eBay and use the proceeds to help you buy the Synology unit. This seems to me the best way you could tell WD about your dissatisfaction. But, why tell this to all the forum members? People upgrade all the time without announcing it to the world.

To answer your question ,

I used to own the EX4 and sold it on ebay as you mentioned to buy a better & more powerfull NAS which i did not see in WD even in their highest available model - DL4100.

As for the ‘dissatisfaction announcement’ I don’t want to buy from other companies, That is what loyal customer do they criticise and give opinion about their experience about the product.

I don’t understand why you seem to be hurt about it, do you hold and shares in WD ?

I am not at all hurt by your comments. I just found what you had to say unnecessary and comical in the way you went about it in the user forum. WD people rarely read the forum, and this is not the best way to communicate with them; they have an Ideas forum better suited… And get over it – it is OK to buy products from any other company if you like their product better.

The DL2100 I have works great, and for the money is just as suitable for me as a Synology or other brand would be.

From what I have heard the bugs in the earlier EX4 are gone from these newer models.

And yes, anyone with S&P 500 index fund owns some WD. I basically own shares of any major company in the US!

No doubt WD will have yet another NAS out before the year is out. MS2100 and MS4100 “Multimedia Series” :slightly_smiling:

MS2100 und MS4100 ??

Just making up model numbers there. A Core i3 variant would be welcomed for Plex though, none of the competing Celeron/Pentium NAS’s can trans-code 1080 upwards on the fly. I’ve only seen Asustor and Qnap do 4 bay variants though.

If I get the information right, the second generation of EX2100 will come in July in my country, so I believe WD DL2100 second gen might be at the end of the year.