Intel CPU Bug and DL4100/DL2100 - What is WD's response?


Most hardware vendors are coming out with response on the current Intel CPU flaw that was announced in this past week. What is WD’s response to it for these units. I can’t seem to even find on WD’s site any announcement about this issue at all. Keen to know if I need to ditch my WD units or if WD intend on releasing an update for them to protect them. Note - this issue affects ALL Intel CPUs likely to be used in not just the DL series, but also the EX or PR units as well.



Hey Wayne,

WD does not have a presence in the P2P forums so do not expect a response (or a patch)

Just curious, any of your other NAS vendors doing anything with obsolete units?



Hey Gramps,

Sad that WD create forums and yet do not man/manage them. So much potential for them to build better product and support better lost.

I’m following up with other NAS vendors on the same topic - waiting responses. It’s sad to see that not even Microsoft are going to offer firmware level updates for a Surface 3 device purchase less than 2 years ago. I am hopeful they will and are just focusing on the more current devices right now.



Every now and then a WD Staff will drive by and recommend you contact support :slight_smile: