Invite new user to My Cloud Ex2 Ultra

I have added a new user with certain access rights. The manual shows a popup screen in which you can fill in the new user’s email address and states that the new user will receive an email with instructions how to proceed. However, in the real world the option for filling in an email address is not provided. How can this new user access my NAS remotely with the the new OS5 app on mobile.
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Just found it under Cloud Access option, sorry

Still unsure how new user can access WD My Cloud Ex2 Ultra. Should he use his own email address that the invitation was sent to and the password i provided in the software for his account?
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See the following WD Knowledge Base article:

My Cloud OS 5: How to Share Files and Directory Content

Or see the OS5 MyCloud.Com Help page:

Generally one would create a account after receiving the invitation email that one has sent when adding/inviting a user through the My Cloud Dashboard. One then uses that account to access the My Cloud remotely using the OS5 portal or the OS5 My Cloud mobile apps for iOS / Android.

Thnx Bennor, one more question please. If another user already has his own NAS also with his own OS5 account, password and mobile app, how can he access with the same app my NAS, since opening the app brings him to his own NAS? Is it possible to have 2 different accounts with the same email address? But how should he change account within the mobile app?
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Generally to view (remotely) some one else’s My Cloud they would have to send an invite email similar to how one sends the email on their own My Cloud. Generally then one be able to switch between the two My Cloud devices either in the My Cloud app or the web portal.

Thnx, but i do not see the option in the mobile app to switch between devices, do you?

Can you swipe right to bring up the settings menu? I don’t run OS5 but on the OS3 app one could swipe right (on android) to bring up additional menu options including adding another My Cloud device.

Or maybe one has to log in to the portal to add another My Cloud account which maybe then populates the mobile app.

there are other settings options in the OS5 app but not an option to add another device. But is it possible to create a 2nd OS5 account under the same email address, but with a different password?