How to add second NAS to mycloud

I just bought a second NAS, how on earth do I add it to
This is frustrating, it seems that WD half designed this portal and then just quit.

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Is the “second NAS” a My Cloud device?

One should be able to add the second (or additional) My Cloud’s to their account by enabling remote access via the second My Cloud’s Dashboard. Setting up a User on the second My Cloud. Configuring their user permissions to any Shares on the My Cloud. Add the same email address for that User that they use for access to their User account. Enable that User’s Remote Access on the Cloud Access page.

When one logs into their account they can click on the “gear” icon on the My Cloud device that is listed and any additional My Cloud devices should appear in the dialog box. One can then select the My Cloud device they want to access. The following screen capture shows what it should look like with two My Cloud devices tied to one’s account.

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Maybe I am doing it wrong.
From Cloud access, when I choose the username and click “signup”, I put in my email address and it says, “A Device User with the same email address already exists”. Same error happens when I try to add my email address to a user account.

Whoops. Kaboom. I had an Android connected to the device with my email address. When I deleted that device, I was able to add it to the user account. Thank you very much for your help on this.