Install owncloud software (from in WD My Book Live


Any one tried to build your own cloud using the OwnCloud software ( in the WD MBL?  The OwnCloud software features are MUST better than WD2GO, and it provide secure access to your cloud (which can be shared with your friends, etc), and let them direct access their own cloud data from your own broadband IP.

Just wonder anyone had done that in the WD MBL.  :slight_smile:

Maybe WD should integrate this into the My Book Live, rather than buiding the WD2GO, which I encounter problems (even after Full Factory restore), yet still not able to resolve the problem with the help from WD support.

For those who manage to install the OwnCloud packages into MyBook Live, do share your experience.


I’d be hesitant to try it. I wouldn’t want to ruin the drive if something went wrong. Does own cloud cost money…an annual fee? And do they have a more efficient app for iOS devices than the WD2Go app? …depending on the answers to these questions i might consider it at this point in my MBL journey…Despite the risks

I just ran the demo and searched the app store and it wouldn’t be compatible with my device. The MBL is ideally to be used with mobile devices as well as other things and the own cloud software wouldn’t be compatible with atheist iOS devices, and probably others as well. I wouldnt do it unless your not using your cloud for any mobile devices and only using it for laptops and pcs, macs etc…


The is FREE (no annually fees required), which is supported by community.  They are planning to release the client for both Apple IOS and Google Android.

There is a commercial product (, which you need to purchase of the support (annually); alternatively, you can let them host your services (or your cloud).

Since the software provide building up your own cloud, which means you can create a DDNS and run your own cloud at home / office, then you can access your files anywhere securely (via website, hosted at your home), or client software installed in your notebook.  I had tested it, the interface to access your files are pretty ok, you can directly open the files or download it to your devices.

I may give it a try to configure it in the WD MBL when the IOS & Android client is released at (pending for Apple approval now); I use it for personal use, not commercial, so I will not go for commercial one.  :slight_smile:

Just wonder if there a way to re-install the entire Debian OS (in case you want to set everything to factory default)?  The Full factory default doesn’t clean up any program / scripts that you modify using SSH.  This is a big issue, where you can’t try & error on the device :slight_smile: