Setting Up WD My Book Live Personal Cloud Storage 3TB Network Attached Storage

Hi Guys

I’m considering buying the above Personal Cloud Storage.

So far, from what I’ve seen, it seems quite straight forward to set up on the network (although we have a mixture of Win7 and XP) but I’ve not seen anything really about setting up the Cloud as I travel a lot and what to access it on the go. Will I need to do some setting up on the Router’s Control Panel? If so, is it straight forward? We’re on Sky here and they aren’t too helpful.

Also, can I play MP4 files from this device?

Hope someone can help and look forward to hearing.



You just need to make sure that the router is compatible with the can access the drive remotely using wd2go. Check the manual for more info.

Many thanks for the link. Do you know if that means I don’t have to play about in the router’s control panel, opening ports???

I think you just need to enable something on the router, and i forgot what it’s called. Sorry

I’m not sure if this is what you looking for

but you have to understand there are 3 ways of accessing your MBL

  1. computer file system e.g. file explore, finder.

  2. WD2Go (iPad, iPhone)

  3. Web Access

I’m not sure if you set up WD2Go manually (add by special code) will help you access through the internet. I only try it on local network.

But accessing via web require these steps.

  1. go to http://mybookliveip

  2. go to settings>remote access>web access

  3. click “Register” then follow the steps.

Hope this helps.