New My Cloud desktop app works with MBL

Just downloaded this and it works fine. The iPhone app has also been updated.

both good here too

just had to re-enable the backup in SmartWare

Yes, discovered this today, the My Cloud desktop app for Windows works with the older MyBook Live 2TB. Tested while in my LAN, will test from a coffee shop outside soon. My need is sharing a folder with colleagues on a project so they can download and equally importantly, upload files. With the My Cloud desktop app, it’s drag and drop both ways. That’s great. 

Also for the colleague’s connectivity I can generate a mobile access code in the MyBook Live interface and they can use the My Cloud option to connect manually by entering the code. The code is so much easier than having colleagues use an email address and password via the site and the 2nd log-in to the MyBook Live device plus all the re-direction errors that WD2G threw out nor the warnings about allowing a Java app to run. The only downside is the desktop app requires a download and install but I think I can convince colleagues to do that. 

So yay! More life for the MBL.  This is getting closer to DropBox functionality without the ongoing costs. 

I just have to move my public files elsewhere now, I don’t want colleagues to see my all my photos that are in the shared public photo folder.